We beat you on the track


We beat you on the track

We may not have the glamour, the romance, the panache,
We may not have the road cars that shoot by in a flash,
But we’re not really bothered, we just don’t give a Jack;
‘Cos when it comes to racing, we beat you on the track!

We don’t have illustrious histories, in fact we’re very new.
But we’ve soon learnt to play the game, there’s not much we can’t do.
We’ve watched and learnt our lessons, now we’re leaders of the pack;
And when we go out racing, we beat you on the track!

We’re good at multi-tasking, let out driver run the team.
And if things don’t work out his way, perhaps you’ve heard him scream?
But when he’s being naughty, we don’t give him a smack;
‘Cos when he goes out racing, he beats you on the track!

We’re great at holding parties, the best on the grid,
You may think we’re not serious…Who you tryin’ to kid?
We enjoy the ambience, we like to have a crack,
And in between the fun times, we beat you on the track!

We’re a fizzy drinks company, our drinks keep you awake,
We are the butt of many a joke because of what we make,
But you can name call all you like, we can take the flack.
Because when we go racing, we beat you on the track!

You can hire the top designers, to try to chase us down,
One for this and one for that, we love to watch them frown.
But we’ve got Adrian Newey, and he’s really got the knack,
Of making F1 racing cars that beat you on the track!

We own this current era, we know how to win,
We’ve torn up the rule book and put it in the bin.
There’s major changes coming, and horsepower we may lack,
But would you really bet against us winning on the track?


My First Proper Blog

Well so far, I’ve written my little introduction of a few words….and spelt  a word wrong. Can’t yet find out how to edit it. I’ve posted my first attempt at a blog with nothing there, by accident. And I have no idea what the difference between new pages and new blogs are. I’m not going to go near photos just yet. Perhaps doing this on an iPad is not the best idea. I sort of ended up doing it by following a link from another blog. Well I will persevere, at least I’ve made a start! I am now going to attempt to press publish and see what happens. Here goes

Day two as a blogger

Well so far I’ve managed to turn my screen turquoise and loose the pretty decorations that were on it. This in an attempt to add a nice Mercedes tone to it. I’ve discovered my name is the same as a tomato, so anyone searching for me may find tomato varieties instead. My front page greets me and any other poor soul who finds their way there with the words.

‘What you are looking for is not here’   I wonder what it is that everyone including myself is looking for that is not there?  I will endeavour to find out.

I’m bemused by widgets.i know hat I want them to do but they have other ideas.

on the plus side! I did post a (page?) and hopefully this will be page number two. But it doesn’t yet show up straight away like other people’s, just the title which needs clicking. As I said ‘ what you are looking for is not here!’    SO THERE!

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